Precast Concrete

While we do offer the standard toilet, we also offer you options such as luxury and handicap toilets for your event. Shea Concrete has installed precast concrete septic tanks for more than 65 years, and the business markets tanks from 500 to 55,000 gallons. It gives all septic tanks on company vehicles and produces the tanks for long-term, safe containment. Holding tanks are typically used in areas where there is no main drainage and the home use is seasonal such as a cottage. The closed, concrete tank is designed to avoid leaks. It must be pumped out whenever it becomes full.
We're able to make large or small precast concrete products to fit your project, designed by internal team or working from building drawings offered. We will offer standard or bespoke products made by our highly skilled team recognized by a fully outfitted joinery mould making workshop. Our computerized production facilities and mould fabrication shop enable us to produce what's needed, when it's needed.
One compartment cisterns are created for holding potable drinking water as a support or alternate to using a well. Since plastic is made of a light-weight material it could be smashed once installed in to the ground. Cement septic tanks are highly durable, and are know to last for a noticeably long period of time. I believe that's when it started to be determined as a hydrogen sulfide issue. I believe prior to that it was still an issue,” he says.concrete septic tank lifespan
Clients can be assured that we maintain internal details for each and every size of traffic-rated fish tank that people sell, including in-depth drawings that detail rebar positioning, calculated stress loads, and more. Lee's Precast highly skilled team will work diligently along with you to supply the most durable concrete buildings to meet your needs, delivered on time and created to exceed your anticipations.
The septic fish tank is a covered circular or rectangular pot which is utilized to breakdown the sewage such that it becomes effluent through the action of bacteria living on the waste matter. Septic tanks are the most common type of underground sewage and wastewater system for homes where the typical municipal system does not reach. They certainly the main storage space and purification work of septic systems. The bacteria in the reservoir treat nearly all sewage solids and almost all grease from home wastewater.

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